Goat Milk Soap

Northern Bee Studio

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Every day we milk our goats by hand. We make cheese, ice cream and yogurt for our family and we make soaps with our extra milk. I think they're pretty great to be honest. We have two options, scented and unscented. The scented option smells like a fresh jar of warm honey in the sunshine. It is nice, light scent. They come individually wrapped and are perfect for giving as gifts. Enjoy an automatic savings when purchasing more than one bar. 

We recommend placing the soap on a soap tray or dish when not using it or the bottom will get soft if it is left in a bit of water. 


Olive Oil

Fresh Goat Milk

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Fragrance (only in the scented bar)


****PLEASE NOTE: Soaps ordered now through August will ship in September (or can be picked up at WISWF). We have sold out of all the current stock and are waiting for more to cure (takes 4-6 weeks depending on humidity etc.), we appreciate your patience. ****