Floozy Cardigan Set 2

Northern Bee Studio

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We've been bitten by the Floozy bug!  Have you caught it yet?  

From the Truly Myrtle Ravelry page for the Floozy Cardigan

Knitted from the top down, so you can try her on as you go, Floozy uses slipped stitches to create her stunning colourful yoke. You’ll just work one colour per row! No complicated colourwork, just simple, easy knitting that’s suitable for every level of knitter.

Hooray!  A cardigan that we can all make!  

We have put together different sets for this knit and think they are just dandy.  Please know that the pattern must be purchased through Ravelry, it does not come with the yarn set.  Check your sizing, what you see is what we have on hand.  

Mineshaft MC / The Madam's Velvet Couch CC / OOAK speckled mini  

1600 yards MC

400 yards CC

80 yards mini

The yarn is our Sturdy Sock - it's 400 yards of 80% Superwash Merino Wool with 20% Nylon for the full sized (100 gram) skeins.  Mini skeins are the same blend but are 80 yards.  

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