Columbia 2 Ply Yarn

Northern Bee Studio

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For the past 4 years, we have been working with shepherds and a small mill in northern California to bring you a Columbia yarn that can do almost anything.  It can be knit and crocheted into hats, cowls, scarves, mittens, slippers, sweaters.  The fiber is surprisingly soft while still being durable.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't Merino soft, but Columbia wool isn't supposed to be.  It's a bulky yarn - I usually use a US needle ranging from 8-10 depending on the fabric I want to achieve.  It is fantastic for fulling (some call it felting) either by hand or in the machine.  

  • approximately 190 yards 
  • 125-140 grams per skein
  • each batch is dyed in very small quantities, skeins will vary


The mill that spun this yarn has been sold.  But when it was milled, it was a one woman operation.  This yarn is a little rustic (meaning there may be a knot here or there or some spots that are a little underspun).  Where the ties were tied at the mill, they were tied tighter than we realized and that resulted in some skeins having resist bands where the ties are.  Because of these characteristics, we are selling the yarn at a greatly reduced rate - it normally retails for $25, so you can snag a sweet deal at 40% off!