Mega Superwash Baby

Northern Bee Studio

Regular price $140.00

Ever dream of making a large project using hand dyed yarn and *not* have to alternate skeins to get the colors to blend, or have to weave in lots of ends?  Us too!  

Let us introduce you to our Mega Superwash Baby.  Why do we call it a baby?  Well, when people see these in person, they naturally hold it like a baby.  Plus it's just enormous. And it is easy to fall in love with them at first sight.  I mean, 1500 yards of superwash Merino wool and NO knots!  

Each of these is hand dyed one at a time and most colors are truly OOAK.  They are perfect for sweaters, baby blankets, ponchos, matching accessory sets...endless possibilities!  

The question everyone asks is always, "But how do I wind it?"  There are two ways.  Our favorite is to settle in with a delicious beverage and a movie and wind it by hand into one massive ball. If you are lucky enough to own a jumbo winder, it should fit on there too! 

  • 1500 yards - NO KNOTS
  • superwash Merino wool 

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